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Leaving Scotland

Welcome to England This past week was amazing. Scotland is a fantastic place to be if you love nature. There is plenty of it and all the views are amazing. Usually when I think of Scotland I think of rain (pretty much like The Netherlands) but to my surprise the past week gave us beautiful weather. I even had to buy myself some new t shirts as I didn’t have enough with me (sweaters were way too warm!).

We drove from Stirling to Newcastle today back to the ferry to go back home. We dropped the car off at the airport and dragged all of our gear on the metro and then the bus to the harbour.  Another reminder that I’ve made a perfect purchase with my Vaude backpack, easy to carry, not too heavy and it fit everything including my purchases nicely!

It was the only day we had rain during this week, and to be honest I didn’t mind. I was in the car anyway and it was one straight drive to Newcastle. Although I can imagine Noëlla was a little less pleased as she was the one driving 😉

The only place we went off the main road was to visit Hadrian’s Wall, but since it was pouring we got out quickly took some photos and hopped right back in the car. At least we can say we seen it.

Hadrian's Wall

So goodbye Scotland, you’ve been amazing. I’ll probably be back some day, just like you can regularly find me in England. It’s close enough to visit again and I would really enjoy seeing the Edinburgh Tattoo or the Red Hot Chilli Pipers in concert, so expect me back!


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