Being Inspired By The Moon

One of the perks of driving home from work when it’s dark out every day, is the beautiful view of the sky. The stars and the moon make for an amazing backdrop of long roads. If you live in the city it’s sometimes hard to see the moon, but look up and you’ll find it. I always get so inspired by the moon.

Today the moon was absolutely wonderful. It’s not a full moon just yet but even a near full moon is beautiful in her own right. I’m always in awe with these natural elements. Like a sunrise or sunset, a moonlit sky with stars all around can be just as magical. For some reason it also makes me feel so grounded and gives me a very happy feeling inside. I love to meditate in the moonlight, it not only clears my mind but it also makes me feel so much closer to nature.

I know this might all sound a little psychedelic to some of you, but it’s not meant to be like that at all ;). For those of you who don’t know me, I would describe myself as a travel crazy, tree hugging yogi, who loves to meditate. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. It brings me in a state of mind I carry with me throughout the day (or night) so yoga and meditation are an important part of my every day life. Which might explain the topics I write about, or what inspires me.

Many Ways To Be Inspired By The Moon

But even when you don’t do any of the above, the moon can still be inspiring in other ways. I know people who get inspired to draw or paint by the look of the moon, for example. For some reason the moon also gives me energy, maybe it’s a combination of meditation, yoga and the moon but it always makes me feel so energised besides being inspired.

So after arriving home and still having a wonderful view of the moon from my deck I decided to try and capture her beauty and share it with you here. If you have a chance, go out and look at the moon tonight, maybe she inspires you too in one way or the other. And if you don’t have a chance to go out tonight, here’s a photo I took from my deck, which hopefully is just as inspiring as the real deal.

Inspired By The Moon

How beautiful is this? I have to admit that the moon also reminds me of my childhood a little. My grandparents used to have a lamp over their coffee table that made me think of the moon every time I looked at it. It had the same shape, and see the darker spots on the moon? They were also on my grandparents’ lamp. So yes, not only am I inspired by the moon but it also throws me back in time for a while reminiscing about my days as a kid. What a way to end a wonderful week and start what I hope to be a fantastic weekend.

And since we’re all looking at the same moon, no matter where we are on this planet, here’s a shout out to the Let’s Be Friends Blog Hop, join in on the fun and let’s be friends!

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  • Reply ltc-creativity August 25, 2013 at 11:27 pm

    De maan en de sterrenhemel inspireren mij ook altijd !
    Ik krijg altijd een warm gevoel en op zo’n moment krijg ik het gevoel dat ik rijk ben 🙂

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