What’s The Rush

Today is one of those days where I have so much to do and not enough time to do it in. Everything felt so rushed. I think that’s how we go through life most of the time; rushed with no time to ourselves. We’re always on the go and we try to cram as many things in our day as we possibly can, because what would happen if we left something undone today only to do it tomorrow?!

What’s The Rush?

While I’m sure there are some things that can’t be done tomorrow or the day after, there are lots of things that would be perfectly OK to do the next day. Why do we always feel the need to run around like crazy, when are we going to take a deep breath, look around us and see all that we’re missing while we’re going from A to B before dashing off to C. And there is so much we’re missing, so much that could give us a moment of feeling alive. Maybe it’s a sunrise, the way the colours play with the clouds in the sky that takes our breath away. Or a bird singing a song in the trees. It’s the little things that make the best moments. Things we pass by on a daily basis and we take for granted or not even notice at all.

What's The Rush

And while today was crazy busy for me, I did have those few moments. The early morning sunrise was amazing, not only because of the beautiful colours it produced but just by the serene feeling it gave me. A feeling I remember getting in Iceland. So before I knew it I was travelling back in time thinking about the easy going way of life in Iceland.

Taking It Easy

It’s not that Iceland is slow, it’s just more relaxed. You don’t really see people running and rushing down the street to get somewhere. They take it easy. The only people I saw rushing about where the tourists. The people still in a mind set of doing things quickly and hurrying about. Icelandic people walk around casually like they have all the time in the world, they even take time out of their day to smile and greet people in the street. Even the ones they don’t know. It felt so welcoming.

Being from a smaller town, I’m used to people, even strangers, greeting me in the streets. especially the elderly. Yet at the same time I see the younger generation being too busy to greet each other. Even a simple hello when you’re paying for your groceries seems to be too much for some, or even worse; getting off your cellphone at check out. I know people are available to talk to everywhere these days with smartphones and tablets, but do we really need to be all the time? Can we not wait for a few minutes before making that phone call and take it easy for a bit?

I didn’t see one person in Iceland talking on their phone while paying for something or ordering something to eat. Everyone politely said their hellos and goodbyes before moving on. And today I realised I miss it. I miss that laid back atmosphere where things will be done when you get around to it.

My mind sometimes is in overdrive and I need to slow it down. Since I can’t fly back to Iceland on a regular basis (I wish!) I stick to meditation and yoga. It clears my mind and takes me back to me, my core. So I can go about my day feeling relaxed and enjoying the little and simple things in life, like the sunrise, or a bird singing, or even some kittens playing in the foliage.

Kitten Playing In The Foliage

I realise yoga or meditation is not for everyone, but there are other ways to get back to “you”. Some can enjoy drinking a cup of tea while getting away from all the hustle and bustle.

Do you ever feel the need to stop and take a moment? And how do you do it, what are your ways to get back to yourself? I’m curious to find out!

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