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Close Ups With Macro Photography

Wow I haven’t had time to blog all week. It’s been crazy busy. I should really start using the drafts option because by the time I get around to writing something I have forgotten what I wanted to write about!

Like a lot of other people out there blogging, I love photography. My favourite things to photograph is nature, breathtaking views from around the world and a little closer to home. But have you ever looked closer at nature, with macro photography?

Close ups of things can be so beautiful and reveal things you normally wouldn’t see. Even “ugly” things or scary creatures can seem wonderful with macro photography.

Butterfly in Macro Photography

While sorting through my photographs I came across this one I took a few years ago. This butterfly landed on a pane of glass of the green house, creating a reflection in the glass. Not only can you see her reflection but you can also see how beautiful butterflies really are. Or at least I think so. Usually we look at a butterfly and only see the bright colours and shapes on their wings, but have you ever looked at ALL that is a butterfly? To me this photo captures the beauty of the entire butterfly from the wings to the tips of their legs. It’s amazing that Mother Nature can create this.

Macro Photography Butterfly

Life through a lens can be fantastic! Even flies look awesome through a macro lens, even though they’re considered dirty little bugs. To me this sort of photos make it a bit more aware that insects and bugs are sentient beings too.

I know this post is really random, but as I said before I forgot what I wanted to blog about earlier this week ;)!

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