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What Do You Tell Yourself?

I love a good inspirational quote and when I saw this one I just had to share it with all of you.

What You Tell Yourself

I truly believe that what you tell yourself will become something you’ll believe eventually. When you tell yourself something negative, you will in the end start to believe that what you’re telling yourself (for example that you’re not pretty enough or not smart enough) is the truth, and it will tear you down.

But what if you were to tell yourself that you are pretty/smart/funny/lovely wouldn’t that eventually lead up to be the truth. Because I think all of us are pretty, smart, funny enough and absolutely lovely! If you tell yourself that it will lift you up, your self image and self worth will grow and you will feel positive about yourself, and everyone should feel that way about themselves.

You are pretty enough, funny enough, smart enough! We are the divine, divinity lives within us and we have to stand up tall and own it. I think you’re wonderful and absolutely awesome, and don’t let anyone else tell you any different.

What do you tell yourself? Don’t let it tear you down, but let it lift you up!

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