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This book by Roz Carter is a novel that will be released in 6 parts over the next 6 months. Eventually it will also be available as a whole instead of different installments.


Imara Covington has always known that she comes from a family of strong women. Only after an unexpected journey to the quaint town of Edenton, North Carolina, do the family secrets begin to unravel. Once she thought of her family as her safety net and her home as a haven, but now Imara is forced to confront the long buried secrets that are at the center of her family’s strength.

Book Of Secrets #1

This first book lets you get acquainted with Imara Covington and her immediately family. It gives a look into the family dynamics and hints towards a family secret that Imara is not yet aware of.
Especially when she gets to Edenton and meets more of her family a few clues are given as to the reader as what that family secret could be.

It’s not immediately clear to the reader what these secrets could be, unless you take the title into account. Obviously this is going to be a book about witches. The way it’s set up though first creates a world where you get to know the characters and their lives and expands from there.

What I think

Picking up this book I didn’t know what to expect. I had never heard of the author before but the title suggested it was something I would like. I’m into the whole sci-fi, fantasy genre. You know, witches, werewolves, elfs and that sort of stuff.

What I immediately noticed about this book is the names. They are so easy! Surely that’s a good thing for me. I find it very confusing sometimes that names in many fantasy books are pretty much unpronounceable and are very similar, making it hard to keep characters apart. With The Covington Witches, all characters seem to have normal names which makes it a lot easier to read.

The storyline itself is enjoyable. There is not much witchy stuff going on, in fact it doesn’t really seem a book about witches in this first installment. That’s both a good thing and a “bad” thing; if you picked this book up to read about witches you’re going to be a little disappointed at first, but if you go into it with an open mind I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy the setup of the characters and the buildup in the storyline.


If you’re a book lover you’ll like this book, it’s an easy read with a well written storyline and the characters are relatable.

Positive: Easy to read, relatable characters and a fun storyline. It was easy for me to get sucked into the story and be in the world that’s created in the book. With the novel being released in different installments it leaves you looking forward to the next one to see what happens next.

Negative: For me this wasn’t a negative per se but I can imagine if you wanted to read about witches and their cohorts you might be a bit disappointed with the first installment as there is not much witchy stuff going on just yet.
What I did find a bit disappointing was the length of book #1, it’s only 39 pages so I went through it in a heartbeat. I like lengthy books, yet one shouldn’t forget this is just part 1 and there is more to come.

Score: 7.5

Sidenote: I read the unedited advanced readers copy of this book, and what had me a little confused was the double naming of one character. Unless I completely misunderstood this person is called one name in the beginning of the book and another a little later on. I assume this is because it is an unedited version and this is fixed in the final book. (and if the author is reading this and I misunderstood, let me know and I will correct this here)

You can get your copy of The Covington Witches Book Of Secrets #1 here. There is also an option to pre-order the entire novel and you’ll receive each installment on the 10th of each month.

I was given an unedited advanced readers copy free of charge but all opinions here are honest and my own.

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  • Reply Roz Carter January 31, 2014 at 2:32 pm

    Hi Chantal – Roz here, author of THE COVINGTON WITCHES. Thanks for reviewing my book, I really appreciate it! And I totally understand people wanting to wait for the whole story. The full story with all six installments will be published June, 2014. I am just fascinated by the idea of a serial novel and I think it works well for a story like THE COVINGTON WITCHES, because there are so many secrets, lies and deceptions (and fun moments too!) that picking it up again each month is like getting a visit from friends. Take care all and don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list to keep up to date –
    Happy Friday!

    • Reply Chantal February 8, 2014 at 8:33 pm

      Hi Roz! Thank you for your comment. I really loved reading part 1 and I have to admit that although I’d like to wait for the full book I’m very very tempted to go ahead and get part 2, I want to know how it continues ;). So I might just cave and continue reading monthly.

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