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Mile Stone, More Than 1000 Views


For many bloggers this is just a small step on a very long road, but for me it feels like I took a giant leap in blog land. I know it shouldn’t be about the numbers, but let’s be honest, almost every blogger out there focusses on numbers in one way or the other. Whether it’s your views, your Bloglovin’ followers or your Facebook likes, we love numbers.

She-Travels has had more than 1000 views since I actively started promoting my blog in November of 2013. That is more than I ever expected to have in such a short period of time and I’m thrilled. I think the best step I took in the past months was changing the blog into a bilingual blog. I noticed my visitors were mostly Dutch before I started doing the whole bilingual thing, but I had forgotten that not everyone can read English easily.


After adding a Dutch translation to all my posts I noticed another increase in visitors and my comments increased as well. If I now take a look at where my visitors come from per country, they’re from all over the world but mostly still from The Netherlands.

World Stats

I want to thank everyone who follows, reads, visits and/or leaves a comment on my site. I always try to visit back and answer your comments here too. This way I come across a lot of great blogs too. So everyone, THANK YOU, here’s to the next 1000!

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  • Reply Crystal January 16, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    This is awesome!!! Great work and keep on working on this space, because so long as your heart is in it the views will keep on coming!

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