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Yoga: Back To Myself

Yoga It’s been a week already since I last put a post online. Unfortunately I wish I could say I had a fantastic excuse for it, but I don’t. The only reason I didn’t post more often is because I have been extremely busy. Getting up at 7AM to do my daily things only to get back home around 11.30PM, ready to roll into bed to do it all over again the next day.

Because of it all I sort of “lost” myself in the process. Well, not really lost myself of course but my inner peace was missing. I didn’t even have time to do yoga or meditate. That’s not only a way for me to relax but also the moments I go back to myself, my inner core to find the inner peace I need. So it’s time to go back to myself. Just make the time to meditate or to do yoga exercises. Relax and clear my head, that’s what I need.

I have to say, since I’ve been able to get that relaxation the last two days I feel a lot better. Funny how that works, but another confirmation that our busy “always on the go” life is not very good for your inner peace.

My goal from now on is to just make time to ground myself again. It will be difficult because my days are just as busy in the weeks ahead as they were this past week (or weeks even) but that “me time” has to be made. I just really, really need it.

What do you do to get back to yourself and to relax?

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