Spring Is Coming

Spring Is Coming

It’s march already and we haven’t had a proper winter here in The Netherlands. Temperatures have been well above the average for this time of year and it’s about to warm up a little more.

Most of all the outrages temperatures all across the planet probably have to do with climate change, which, despite popular believe, seems very real to me. You can’t deny the weird weather across the globe like crazy snow storms in places usually deprived of snow, droughts and warm spells where snow should be falling.

To be honest I didn’t mind not getting any snow this winter. Sure it would have been nice to have a white Christmas, I just hate driving through it.

Last Saturday meteorological spring started. So winter is officially over. Temperatures haven’t drastically changed overnight though but it’s far from cold. While the astronomical spring is still a few weeks away our first official spring weather is about to arrive.

For the weekend spring temperatures are predicted with a nice sunny day. I can’t wait to get my deck ready and sit outside soaking up the first rays. And not only the sun is already showing her face, for a few days now I hear birds sing when I get up, flowers are budding and the world seems even prettier than she already is.

So yes, spring is coming! If you’re in the northern hemisphere of course 😉 to those of you going into fall, I hope it’s kind to you.

And as I’m writing this Sam has decided to get his tan on now the sun is out 😉

Sam getting his tan on

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