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Travel In Your Head

You can travel in many ways, in luxury or on budget and everything inbetween. And if travelling is one of your hobbies you try to get away as much as you can. Unfortunately my budget doesn’t allow me to travel 100 times a year, which is probably the truth for most people. But luckily for me there is another way to get away for a bit. By travelling in my head!

No, I didn’t go crazy and I’m also not sitting at home in my bikini with the heat turned up high pretending I’m on a tropical island somewhere. But I still travel to far country and strange surroundings regularly in my head; with books!

A Love For Reading

I love to read, I always have. As a little girl I read books by the dozen and we had to go to the library regularly to pick out new ones with which I could dream off into new worlds. And I still do, I’m a regular visitor at the local library but I also drag my ereader with me almost everywhere. That way, I can dive right back into a good book as soon as I have a spare minute. But how do I travel in my head? If you’re like me and can really enjoy a good book you probably know what I mean. You get sucked into the story and don’t really hear what is happening around you. You’re dragged into the story and can see it in your head, almost like a film. I love it! Especially on a rainy day with a blanket and a cup of tea.
Of course it now sounds like all I do is read when I have a spare minute, but that’s far from the truth, I do a lot other (hippie) things, but reading is fun!

Travel In Your Head

That’s why I thought, if my blog is about travelling, and of course a bunch of other things I love. Why not combine my blog with travelling through books?! You might have seen a few book reviews pop up left and right on here but I plan to do that more often from now on. I recently registered at NetGalley and I hope to be able to start reading some pre releases soon and review them here.

Of course She Travels won’t be only about books from now on. But it seemed like a fun idea to have it on here. Especially since I didn’t travel at all last year (seriously I can’t believe I didn’t get away even for a weekend, it feels very unnatural) and because of that I hardly blogged too. I wanted to pick up where I left off with blogging and add a little something new to the site.

There are a few getaways planned for this year, so there will be travelling and road tripping ahead. Partially because Sarah is coming over again, which will be tons of fun!. So don’t worry, it won’t become a dusty bookshelf here with only space for reading.

What kind of books do you like to read? What titles or authors would you recommend?

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