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Nature On Your Doorstep


When I think of nature in The Netherlands, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful are “De Veluwe“. Our National Green Heart is a fantastic area to hike or cycle in. Unfortunately I don’t live very close so I’m not there a lot.

But our small country has more to offer when it comes to nature. There are very beautiful natural areas controlled by State Forest Control spread out over the country, so there is always a natural area close to where you are. Not only are there awesome forests and natural areas from State Forest Control close by, there could be some hidden gems right on your doorstep!

For a while now I have been hiking more intensively and while I just love being outside, I prefer to walk in nature. It must be the attraction of nature on my green hippie soul that makes me feel so much more free when I walk in nature.

Because I grew up in the area I currently live in, I thought I already knew where to find all the beautiful spots. But a few weeks back I went to the local tourist information to pick up some hiking maps. To my surprise I found out there is a wonderful hiking area literally right around the corner! I had no idea! Sure I heard of the area which consists of a few lakes, I just didn’t know you could go up there to hike.


So with a hiking map in my pocket I decided to hit the road and walk part of this route. Although this route is very close to suburban areas you couldn’t tell when you walk it. There is such a serenity without all the sounds of urban living, it’s like walking in a national park. It’s just the birds and the wind rustling through the trees.
Speaking of birds, there are plenty of those around there. The even build a few bird spotting towers close to the lakes so it’s perfect for bird spotting if that’s what you’re interested in.


Even though I only walked part of the route for now (and I’ll walk the rest too) it was worth it. I had no idea this was right on my doorstep!


So you see it never hurts to visit your local tourist board, you might learn a thing or two about the town you live in. Beautiful areas you didn’t even know are there.


What is the nicest/most beautiful thing you discovered about your town or city that you didn’t know existed?

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