New Travel Destination; Canada

Just a few more sleeps and I’ll be heading out again doing some solo travelling. This time I’m taking my backpack to Canada. Granted it is only going to be a week this time, but that doesn’t make me any less excited!

I’ll be mostly in Toronto and the GTA as well as going to see Niagara Falls (which is a must do of course!). My to do list is endless, and I have a lot of great things on there I can choose from. So I’m prepared but I haven’t planned out the whole trip. There is plenty of space for spontaneity as well as change of plans. Which is how I think travel should be. Go out, be prepared so you know what you want to see and do. Yet don’t get stuck in a schedule; for me that takes the freedom of travel away a little.

The house & cat sitter is in place, my packing list is ready. All I need to do now is actually pack (lol) and get on that plane to enjoy my trip!


This time I’ll be trying out a new app called Polarsteps. It’s is a nice little app that tracks where you’ve been -without draining your battery!- and let’s you upload photos, videos and text to let your followers. On top of that they show how many miles (or kilometres if you prefer) you’ve travelled and how many countries you’ve visit on each trip you enter there.

You can even add previous trips you’ve made to share with your followers. I really like the idea to be able to do these things live and on the go without too much hassle. For me it’s not going to replace She Travels but I think it can make a nice addition to someone with a blog who can’t access their CMS while on the road, or make a great way for someone who doesn’t have a website but wants an easy way to show their trips with family and friends.

Before I head out I’ll update here with the right link as I’m still setting things up, so check back soon to see more about my Canada adventures.

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