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Book: The Queen of Forty Thieves

Desert Nights book 2 by Helena Rookwood & Elm Vince

We continue to follow Princess Zadie and her attempts to get the respect and attention from her husband-to-be Sultan Kassim in Book 2 of the Desert Nights series.

Princess Zadie has grown on me in this story. I felt she was a bit ditsy and naive in the first book but I think she’s coming more in her own in this one. Which is great!

She is still stuck in the palace grounds “as a good princess should” according to the Kassim. He’s still ignoring and disrespecting her in many ways while she is spending her time painting and doing ‘princes things’ with the sultans sister. But Princess Zadie doesn’t take well to being confined and is not about to give up her freedom because Kassim wants it that way! She finds a way to get outside the palace grounds to do her own thing like the independent woman she really is. 

Of course she runs in to trouble when she finally gets outside. She unexpectedly runs into the Queen of Thieves (the same one we encountered in book 1) But her quick thinking and ability to read get her out of a pickle. Only to run into the next bit of trouble.

Queen of Forty Thieves

I really like how we get to see more of Aliyah the Queen of Thieves in this book. We get to meet her family and get an inside look on how she operates. She might be the Queen of Thieves, yet Aliyah turns out to be a tough but very likeable woman. I’m looking forward to see how she & her story develop throughout the series.

What I really enjoy about the development of princess Zadie is her loyalty and her sense of wrong and right. When she’s faced with a difficult choice and has to choose where her loyalty lies I can only commend her for the decision she made. It might not have been what you expect a princes to do but for me that’s what I appreciate about her. 

Overall this is another great book in the Desert Night series and I think it’s better than the first! 

Episodic Fiction

What’s fun about this series is it’s written in the episodic fiction style. This means each book in this series is like an episode of the full story, yet it’s a full story (novella length) on its own too. Think of episodic fiction and Netflix for books, you could easily binge-read multiple episodes in a short amount of time.

4/5 stars

You can get your copy of Queen of Forty Thieves here.

Disclaimer: I received this book as an ARC in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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