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Book: A Spell Of Murder

A Spell of Murder by Kennedy Kerr

Publisher: Bookouture

Temerity Love and her sister Tilda live in the small village of Lost Maidens Loch. Temerity is the owner of Love’s Curiosities Inc, a small little shop full of oddities. There is something strange about the sisters though, they aren’t like your ordinary siblings. Temerity is not only an antiques expert, she has a rare magical gift to be able to find lost things and learn their stories. Experts the world over know where to find her to enlist her help. At the same time, her sister Tilda, a rare books dealer, has some powers of her own. She is known as the village herbalist and witch.  And, as any good witch does, they have cats and a large blue parrot. What’s a witch to do without them?!

When local school teacher Molly Bayliss is murdered an antique hand mirror is found on the scene. Because of her expertise in antiques, the local police inspector calls in Temerity to find the story behind the mirror. Why is it there? Did it belong to Molly? Did the killer bring it to the murder scene? It raises more questions than answers. But Temerity is determined to help solve this case, along with her sister Tilda.

It’s unfortunate though that Temerity has to work together with the Lost Maidens Loch’s police constable on duty, Angus Harley. An out-of-towner who’s easy on the eye but a little grumpy, to say the least.

Life at the Loch

Temerity’s search for the hand mirror’s story leads her to Dalcairney Manor across the loch. The loch she has been avoiding since the day her boyfriend Patrick drowned there and she couldn’t save him. The same loch that is also the reason why Temerity never left Lost Maidens Loch, it’s the only place she still feels connected to Patrick.

But is grumpy Angus really that bad? The more Temerity gets involved with the case the less she seems to mind Angus. He even convinces her to walk around the loch to Dalcairney Manor one night to interrogate the very private Laird and his family. A walk that could make Temerity’s worst fears come true and, at the same time, break this case wide open.

Generally, the Laird keeps to himself and hardly ever comes to the village. Does he know more about this mirror? Could he be hiding something? Or is it just coincidental that an antique hand mirror leads back to a centuries old manor?

Quaint and Cosy

Kennedy Kerr created a quaint little village setting with Lost Maidens Loch. The local village people all seem to be a little of the generic small town people kind; while Temerity and Tilda are the odd ones out. Being witches and magical and all.

The overall story line is nice and easy to read. It’s a typical cosy mystery story with a pretty predictable ending. Yet at the same time it makes for a good read in the summer by the pool or on a cold autumn/winter day with a  cup of tea while the snow comes down from the sky or the rain taps against the window.

Rating 3/5

A Spell of Murder’s publish date is October 3, 2019. Grab your copy here

Disclaimer: I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley and Bookouture in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own

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