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Who is She?
Me and one of my horsesShe is Chantal, a travel crazy, tree hugging, yogi.

I’m an avid traveller with a lot of wanderlust. I love to travel, I have to travel. If I don’t travel for a period of time I get restless. There are many beautiful places in this world I have yet to visit and then there are some beautiful places I already had the privilege of visiting (and love to go back to!).

Apart from travelling I enjoy yoga, meditation, photography and reading. And what’s better than combining these things; go to a beautiful place and relax your body and mind with a bit of yoga and meditation, read a good book or capture the beauty of Mother Nature while enjoying the great outdoors.

I live with my two furry and one feathery friends in The Netherlands. Sam and Pax are both rescue cats. Sam came to live with me when he was only 9 weeks old after spending 3 weeks in a veterinary clinic because his mother abandoned him. He is now 6 years old. Pax came to live with me at the age of 9 months and is now 3 years old. I adopted him from the shelter where he spend most of his life. He had been adopted out once before but returned because he made too much of a mess. I’m happy they did, in a way, because now he has chosen to live with me. – Yes, I really believe my cats picked me, not the other way around.

Then there is Cas, a 6 year old zebra finch. Cas loves to sing. He loves the cats a little less, but they both “love” him (for dinner..)

Sam Pax Cas

I also share two horses with my family. I love all my animals to the moon and back and then some! You might think these are a lot of animals, but when I was a kid we had even more. I grew up around animals and was thought to respect them and respect nature. I guess that influenced me so much that I grew up to be a tree hugger and someone who stands up for animal rights.

On She Travels you’ll find posts about my travels around the world, how I navigate through life and my journey within. And basically anything that interests me 😉

I hope to inspire you to travel our beautiful planet and see all it has to offer for yourself.

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