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I Got A Liebster Award

Liebster Award

I got a Liebster Award! So nice to be nominated! I got it from Marjolein, from A Spoonful Of Dork. There is a short list of questions to go with it that Marjolein thought up and I’ll answer them below.

The “Rules”

  1. Name the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the eleven questions the person nominating you thought up.
  3. Nominate nine other bloggers with 200 followers or less.
  4. Ask these bloggers eleven questions.
  5. Notify the nominated bloggers.

Easy right?! And a lot of fun to fill out such a TAG. Well here we go;

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A Review Of 2013


It’s not very original, writing a post like this. Everyone does it and I’m sure you read a 100 like this before starting on this one. But I’m going to do it anyway; a review of my 2013.

2013 was the year I turned 30, yes really, THIRTY. I didn’t really mind to be honest, it’s just a number and you’re as old as you feel (how cliche). My birthday wasn’t celebrated with a big party, I’m just not that into it, but I did spend it with friends and family and I can really enjoy spending it that way.

A few of my colleagues decorated the office with decorations with photos of me on it. A very nice gesture and I really felt like it was my birthday.

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48 Hours of London, Friends and Music

London Millennium Wheel

Wow, it’s been over a week since I last blogged, that’s pretty bad! I really should start using my editorial calendar plugin a lot more and seriously whip myself into “posting discipline”!

Last week I flew to London to hang out with some friends and attend a concert from one of my favourite bands ever with them. In case you didn’t know, that favourite band is Hanson, and if the last 16 years have taught me anything it’s the response I get when I tell people; “Isn’t that the band with the long-haired girls singing MMMBop” or “Do they still exist?!”. I pretty much lost count on the amount of times I’ve hear this, but that’s OK. I understand they are no longer considered “main stream” musicians or they were mistaken for girls back in the day. So to answer those questions from the get-go; no they aren’t girls, but yes they did have long hair and sang MMMBop, and yes they still exist. In fact they’ve been a band for 21 years now! How amazing is that?!

Anyway, me and my friends have been attending their concerts together for 10 years now, so when I heard they were coming to London to play a show it was the perfect opportunity to fly in and hang out with my friends for a few days (as it had been too long since I last saw them) attend the show and of course enjoy my home away from home; London.

I couldn’t believe my luck that a few days after the London show, the band would also play a show only 25 minutes from my house. How could I not go to that one too? Tickets where purchased way before the summer (because believe it or not, they still sell out concerts) and plans were made with my friends for the few days I was able to come out to London.

Going to London and meeting up with my friends was awesome. I loved seeing them again and catch up on things. We walked around London away from the tourist spots, which -especially around the holiday season- are extremely busy. My honest opinion about London during holiday season is a) Holiday Decorations are extremely disappointing, it’s mostly commercial stuff and nothing spectacular. It was like that 14 years ago and I think is still the same now and b) Oxford Street and the like is to be avoided like the plague around this time of year, unless you like to be stuck in a huge crowd in a rush and only able to move in one direction, turning around is not an option (unless you cross the street, if you can..)

London Market

With that said though, London still has a lot of amazing areas to visit during the holiday season that are just as festive but less crowded. Cute markets and spots with awesome views of the city. So don’t let the hectic holiday crowds scare you away from visiting London around this time of year, you’ll still have plenty of things to see and do away from it all.

The concert itself was amazing. My friend did an awesome job getting tickets for us, she got us seats on the second row, centre stage on King’s Row in the O2! Perfect view, perfect sound and good company, what more could we want!

Hanson Acapella

King's Row View

Unfortunately I only had about 48 hours to spend in London, which is way to short for my liking, but that just means I’ll have to go back..

The second concert close to my house was the day after arriving back from London. I was all excited to go, not only for the music, but because these concerts have become a reunion of some sort over the years. Many people I know have been attending shows since the early days and over the years we’ve met up lots of times at concerts and enjoyed the music together. On the day of the concert though, my back decided to act up. In the days before London I hurt my back and even though it wasn’t bothering me too much in London it acted up a lot more in the days after. Because of it, I had to cancel my plans to go to the show. This concert wasn’t seated and standing on my feet for a few hours didn’t seem like a very good idea, especially because work awaited the next day too. Thankfully a friend was kind enough to call me during the show a few times so I could still be part of it all somehow, so thank you for that, you know who you are!

I’m glad and thankful for the opportunity to seeing my friends in London and attending the show, but a little sad about the missed chance of hanging out with friends at the local concert. I guess that’s life, yet the glass is always half full, never half empty so looking on the bright side I had a wonderful time, there will be more shows to attend and other opportunities to meet up with concert friends. And not attending the concert was a good decision, my back is much better and that’s what counts.

What was the last concert you attended and did you have to travel far? Have you ever travelled far to attend a show of your favourite band/artist?

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ThrowBack Thursday; London

My London trip is coming closer and I’m so excited. Not only because I’m going to see my favourite band in concert but mainly because I’m going to be in London again and get to hang out with my friends.

I just love London, it’s my home away from home and being there always feels so good. It’s been over 10 years since I was there around Christmas time so I’m looking forward to seeing the city all decorated for the holidays. Maybe even do some Christmas shopping for my family back home.

Thinking of London made me go through all my photos again. Just to relive those wonderful moments. I came across this photo of me with one of my friends hanging out in the queue before a concert of the same band back in 2011

Queueing Up

I have a lot of good memories from that particular trip. I got to see so much more from London than the regular tourist things, and even though I only have about 48 hours in the city this time I’m hoping to discover more off the beaten path.

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Close Ups With Macro Photography

Wow I haven’t had time to blog all week. It’s been crazy busy. I should really start using the drafts option because by the time I get around to writing something I have forgotten what I wanted to write about!

Like a lot of other people out there blogging, I love photography. My favourite things to photograph is nature, breathtaking views from around the world and a little closer to home. But have you ever looked closer at nature, with macro photography?

Close ups of things can be so beautiful and reveal things you normally wouldn’t see. Even “ugly” things or scary creatures can seem wonderful with macro photography.

Butterfly in Macro Photography

While sorting through my photographs I came across this one I took a few years ago. This butterfly landed on a pane of glass of the green house, creating a reflection in the glass. Not only can you see her reflection but you can also see how beautiful butterflies really are. Or at least I think so. Usually we look at a butterfly and only see the bright colours and shapes on their wings, but have you ever looked at ALL that is a butterfly? To me this photo captures the beauty of the entire butterfly from the wings to the tips of their legs. It’s amazing that Mother Nature can create this.

Macro Photography Butterfly

Life through a lens can be fantastic! Even flies look awesome through a macro lens, even though they’re considered dirty little bugs. To me this sort of photos make it a bit more aware that insects and bugs are sentient beings too.

I know this post is really random, but as I said before I forgot what I wanted to blog about earlier this week ;)!