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If I’m not mistaken I said I would write more in my last update. That I was even going to set up a schedule to get things online more regularly. As you can see, my good intentions from DECEMBER 2015 (oops) went down the drain quickly. I haven’t done anything at all.

Even though I haven’t posted anything, I’ve seen I get more visitors lately, but with zero updates those visitors (HI!) will never come back. Very smart of me, not!

I did do something about the layout though. But you won’t be able to see those (for now) as I’m still working on it. So it’s not that I haven’t done anything, although it does appear that way.

I really feel bad and it’s a shame that I have let my website gather dust like this, so it’s time to do it differently. The new layout is on it’s way and with that I’ll be trying out a plugin that will publish entries automatically. Hopefully things will work out better that way.

So attempt 2 (or was it 3 already?!). In the last case, three times lucky they say right?

How do m ore “experienced” and more “up to date” bloggers do this? Do you write every day, or do you use a plugin that auto updates on certain times. Tips are always welcome, I have a lot to learn still.


So Much To Say..

So little time to actually post it here. I know I should post more about what I’ve been doing. A lot has happened, not only since my last post but even before that. I needed time to wrap my head around it, and once I finally came to grips with it all there was very little time to catch up on writing again.

Things are crazy hectic offline, but I’m trying to set up some sort of schedule or free op my calendar to be able to actually sit down and write. So hopefully things will be up and running again here soon.

It’s also time for a layout change, not sure what I want yet but it has to change. Maybe that will inspire me a little more to write as well.

So for now, all I can say is I promise I’ll be back as soon as possible. Because I have yet to post about my amazing London trip, amongst other things!


Just A Quick Update

It’s been a while since I wrote here. One way or the other I just can’t seem to sit down and start writing. Or allow myself time to do so.

Now that I’m on my summer break I hope to change that a little. And maybe even catch some kind of rhythm so I can keep up with it all once I resume work .
I’ve started on translating my older posts into Dutch again. There are still many posts to translate but it’s a start.

It’s funny to see all the old posts, especially when they are about good food in different cities. Not necessarily because they are about food in general but because they are about meat and I thought it was “delicious”. Hilarious because I don’t even want to think about eating that now. I don’t even know what most meats taste like anymore (and I don’t miss it either). It would probably literally make me sick if I had to eat it again now, just because my body is no longer used to it. Anyway, this post wasn’t about meat in the first place 😉

I’ll be leaving for London again soon and I can’t wait! It doesn’t matter how often I go back there, there always seems to be something new to do and places to explore. I already have a lot of plans for this trip but I probably don’t have enough time to do it all. Oh well, that gives me a good reason to go back even more often.

That’s it for this update Here’s to a new blog rhythm and a lot of fun trips!


Go Big Or Go Home

What's my next tattoo?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by tattoos. I just love them. Granted some are not as good as others but a lot of them out there are amazing and real works of art. So I guess it came as no surprise for those around me that I ended up with a few myself.

I got my first one in August 2008, the purple butterfly on the left. I wanted something that defined infinity for me, and the connection with the Universe. But I didn’t just want the infinity symbol so eventually I found this. The butterfly is made up of two infinity symbols but it’s also one line from one antenna to the other, so one line from beginning to end with bends and curves just like life. The colour purple is for the connection with the Universe, but also with my own body and mind and to all living things around me. Because I believe we are all one. That’s what this tattoo means to me, but for everyone else, it’s just a butterfly.

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I thought the title for this post was self explanatory for most people but yet there are actually people who don’t know what it means. There really is a generation already who hadn’t been born yet on this tragic day, 13 years ago already. Man I feel old if I think of that.

For the people who, for whatever reason, don’t know what is meant with 9/11, a short explanation; On the morning of September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks where carried out with commercial airliners in the United States. These aircrafts where flying on their normal schedules but where hijacked after which two of them flew into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in New York. Another one flew into the Pentagon near Washington and the fourth plane crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Almost 3000 people were killed that day. You can read more here.

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