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Something I Haven’t Told You Yet

Well here we go. To be honest I already deleted and rewrote the beginning of this post about 50 times, and every time I have this notion that it’s just not good enough. There is this one thing missing that I wanted to start with but I can’t honestly say what exactly that “thing” is.

Because well, how do you say something like this? Saying it really isn’t that hard, I do it regularly. But it seems a lot easier that writing it. Because when I say it, I see the responses to it immediately.
Facial expressions and body language say much more than words spoken in response, and with that I also know how people honestly feel about it. And believe me, those responses can be very different, as what people say and what they show can be very far apart. Without them noticing it.
I have become pretty good at reading the real responses of people throughout the years. I have had both positive and very negative responses, but I can deal with it and I have no issues telling people what I’m about to write down.

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Mile Stone, More Than 1000 Views


For many bloggers this is just a small step on a very long road, but for me it feels like I took a giant leap in blog land. I know it shouldn’t be about the numbers, but let’s be honest, almost every blogger out there focusses on numbers in one way or the other. Whether it’s your views, your Bloglovin’ followers or your Facebook likes, we love numbers.

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I Got A Liebster Award

Liebster Award

I got a Liebster Award! So nice to be nominated! I got it from Marjolein, from A Spoonful Of Dork. There is a short list of questions to go with it that Marjolein thought up and I’ll answer them below.

The “Rules”

  1. Name the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the eleven questions the person nominating you thought up.
  3. Nominate nine other bloggers with 200 followers or less.
  4. Ask these bloggers eleven questions.
  5. Notify the nominated bloggers.

Easy right?! And a lot of fun to fill out such a TAG. Well here we go;

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A Review Of 2013


It’s not very original, writing a post like this. Everyone does it and I’m sure you read a 100 like this before starting on this one. But I’m going to do it anyway; a review of my 2013.

2013 was the year I turned 30, yes really, THIRTY. I didn’t really mind to be honest, it’s just a number and you’re as old as you feel (how cliche). My birthday wasn’t celebrated with a big party, I’m just not that into it, but I did spend it with friends and family and I can really enjoy spending it that way.

A few of my colleagues decorated the office with decorations with photos of me on it. A very nice gesture and I really felt like it was my birthday.

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