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Mile Stone, More Than 1000 Views


For many bloggers this is just a small step on a very long road, but for me it feels like I took a giant leap in blog land. I know it shouldn’t be about the numbers, but let’s be honest, almost every blogger out there focusses on numbers in one way or the other. Whether it’s your views, your Bloglovin’ followers or your Facebook likes, we love numbers.

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She Travels Bilingual

Bilingual Cloud Hooray! Finally it’s here, it still needs a little work here and there and I also need to translate a lot of old posts, but She Travels is now bilingual. So if you prefer to read in Dutch, you now can. How cool is that?!

Of course there is a reason why I went the bilingual route. I noticed that people close to me found it a bit difficult to read in English but really wanted to know what I was writing about. And because I also have a lot of friends and family abroad, who don’t understand much of my Dutch ramblings and also want to know what I write about, I didn’t have much of a choice.

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New Look: Pink Is The New Green

You might have had to blink a few times when you opened the site, because it’s pink! I think it needed a little overhaul and this is what it turned in to. Now that the days are getting shorter and the dark days before Christmas are upon us, I thought it would be nice to kick in with some colour.


Usually I’m not one for pink, but messing around with some colour schemes my eye caught a few bright pink roses on some fabric I have stored near my sewing machine and I liked it. At first I wanted to pair it up with a blue colour but it didn’t turn out as I had envisioned.

Then I came across this background pattern and the yellow came in. It’s a bold and funky combination and to be honest it had to grow on me. But now that I’ve been staring at it for a few days, I like it. In fact, looking at it makes me smile. And we all know you can never smile enough! I guess it just fits my hippie outlook on life, or it reminds me of my flower power days from when I was still in college… ah the younger days 😉

I hope you all like it too! I’m really looking forward to hear what you think. And of course, as much as I tried to code everything properly, there might still be some things that need to be worked on. So if you come across anything like that, don’t hesitate to let me know, I’d appreciate it.

Invisable Changes

There are also some changes you can’t see. A while ago I posted about changing hosts and how I already transferred my domains out. Well, while I was writing that post I was already in the process of moving everything. The move has been done and despite the fact that I was worried about closing my old hosting account due to very negative reviews online, everything went well.

So here I am, all fresh with a new look and a new host. It seems the changing bug is going around the internet right now as everyone is changing their designs left and right (and they’re gorgeous!). It might not all be perfect yet here on She Travels but remember;

“The journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu


Colours Used Because I think credit needs to go where it’s due, here are my resources. The background comes from PixelsAndIceCream, the fonts used are Polo, Underwood Champion, Julee and The Skinny. The colour scheme used is shown on the left, my social media icons are made by Pixeden and the paper plane in the header is drawn up by me (after staring at a few drawings of paper planes, turns out it’s not that hard to draw..)

Without further ado, what do you think?!


Blog, Updates

Facebook Page And Other Changes

So I caved, I created a Facebook page for I hadn’t really thought about doing this before, until I noticed a lot of other bloggers out there having one for their site. That’s when I decided to join in on the fun too.

I’m not sure what it will bring for the site yet, but it can’t hurt to just try it out and see what happens.
Since it’s still a new page, it is in need of more likes. It would be great if you could like the page on Facebook, I would really appreciate it!

Tweaks, Changes and Additions

You might also notice a new header image. It now features a quote from Augustine of Hippo. I really like this quote because to me it matches with my view on travelling. I think travel will expand your view on life and the world. It will bring you into contact with many different people and cultures, leading to a richer life (well, not money wise as we all know travel can be expensive – haha)

And that’s not all, I also updated the about page, as well as added a welcome image to the sidebar on the left. I’m not totally happy yet with how the site looks at the moment, but I guess that’s also part of the fun of having a blog; making changes and thinking of how things can look better or be done better, right?

Sometimes I miss the days of having lots of time to create my own layouts and staying up all night trying to get it just right. Being a perfectionist can be a bit annoying, I can tell you it has let to many sleepless nights trying to get the codes just right or fix something in my coding that messed up another part of the layout. But I have to admit it’s also nice to be able to sleep a full night without having to worry about messed up codes 😉

Right now I’m thinking of changing my Twitter and Instagram handles. Part of me wants to do it, but on the other hand the people following me there know me by my current handles and it might just lead to confusion.

Have you changed your handles on a social media page to match your site and if so, did it lead to confusion?