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Book: The Marriage Trap

The Marriage Trap by Sheryl Browne

Publisher: Bookouture

My husband has been keeping secrets for a long time. He thinks I don’t know what he does outside of this house. But I know everything… 

Do you really ever know someone. I mean fully know them, no secrets between them? You think you might know the people in your life, but what if they have a big secret to hide. Something they won’t share, not until it’s too late.

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Book: Tenebrasco

The Pearl Wielder Trilogy #1 by Hannah Reed

Independently Published

When I first started reading Tenebrasco I thought I had a book in my hands that sort of resembled “The little Mermaid” on steroids. But just a little bit in, I happily realised it wasn’t.

Hannah Reed did a wonderful job creating a detailed underwater world. It keeps up with our real life modern day technology, while still maintaining a mystic layer that sets it apart from the world out of the water.

The book follows the viewpoint of Princess April who is the heir to the throne of the seven seas. The Mer(maid) people have special powers that are strengthened by certain pearls. And while there are 9 different powers in total, most Mer can’t wield them all. Yet April can, and she’s stronger than she should be for her Mer-age.

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Book: Song of Blood & Stone

Earthsinger Chronicles Book 1 by L. Penelope

I was so excited for this book. So when I had received it I couldn’t wait to start reading it. I have to note this book seems to be a reprint / revised copy of a previous release and will be available on July 16, 2019.

The story starts with Jasminda who lives in Elsira but also has Lagrimar blood. The colour of her skin is a reason for the people of Elsira to shun her as they are pretty racist. On top of that she has earthsong powers (magic) which is something only people from Lagrimar have, and Elsira and Lagrimar have been separated for centuries by a magic veil called The Mantle.

The Queen Who Sleeps rules Elsira while Lagrimar is ruled by the True Father. When the Mantle falls peace for both countries will be no more because the True Father wants to seize power.

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Book: The Queen of Forty Thieves

Desert Nights book 2 by Helena Rookwood & Elm Vince

We continue to follow Princess Zadie and her attempts to get the respect and attention from her husband-to-be Sultan Kassim in Book 2 of the Desert Nights series.

Princess Zadie has grown on me in this story. I felt she was a bit ditsy and naive in the first book but I think she’s coming more in her own in this one. Which is great!

She is still stuck in the palace grounds “as a good princess should” according to the Kassim. He’s still ignoring and disrespecting her in many ways while she is spending her time painting and doing ‘princes things’ with the sultans sister. But Princess Zadie doesn’t take well to being confined and is not about to give up her freedom because Kassim wants it that way! She finds a way to get outside the palace grounds to do her own thing like the independent woman she really is. 

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Book: Flight

Dragonmaster Trilogy book 2 by Katie Cross

This is the next book in the Dragonmaster Trilogy and it continues the story of Isadora and Sanna Spence. Isador and Sanna are sisterwitches and have lived in Letum Wood with the other Dragonmaster families their whole lives. But now the time has come for them to spread their wings and fly.

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