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Book: The Perfect Sister

The Perfect Sister by Sheryl Browne

Publisher: Bookouture

Imagine you uproot your family to move into your father’s house to take care of him. Living with a parent or your in-laws can be stressful enough but add the pressure of looking after a sick relative and that would be enough to test any relationship.

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ARC, Books, Reviews

Book: The Family

The Family by Louise Jensen

Publisher: HQ

What would you do if, in your time of need, a stranger offers you a helping hand? Would you accept it and take it as kindness? And is it really kindness, or could it be deceit?

Because that’s exactly what’s happening to Laura. While she’s grieving the recent loss of her husband, she is struggling to cope financially as well. She’s about to lose everything, including her business and her home. And just as things seem to be completely falling apart, a kind young woman that walks into her store offers her a solution.

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