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Book: A Spell Of Murder

A Spell of Murder by Kennedy Kerr

Publisher: Bookouture

Temerity Love and her sister Tilda live in the small village of Lost Maidens Loch. Temerity is the owner of Love’s Curiosities Inc, a small little shop full of oddities. There is something strange about the sisters though, they aren’t like your ordinary siblings. Temerity is not only an antiques expert, she has a rare magical gift to be able to find lost things and learn their stories. Experts the world over know where to find her to enlist her help. At the same time, her sister Tilda, a rare books dealer, has some powers of her own. She is known as the village herbalist and witch.  And, as any good witch does, they have cats and a large blue parrot. What’s a witch to do without them?!

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Book: Good Girls Lie

Good Girls Lie by J.T. Ellison

Publisher: Harlequin – Mira

An all-girls elite prep school that promises to open doors to Ivy League universities sounds like a dream come true for many young girls.

A lengthy history of fantastic results is proof it’s not all talk and false promises. Many influential women have attended this school and are now sending their daughters there. The only blemish on its stellar reputation is the murder of one of the students a long time ago….

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Book: Tracking Game

Timber Creek K-9 Mysteries by Margaret Mizushima

Publisher: Crooked Lane Books

Timber Creek, a small town in the Colorado mountains is the scene of a brutal crime.  Nate Fletcher the son-in-law of a well-known and respected rancher is found murdered next to his burning car. A little further away his best friend is laying severely injured.

Why would anyone want to murder Nate? And what, if anything, has his best friend Garrett to do with it?

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