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European Rail Pass Discount Giveaway

Are you planning to travel around Europe with a European Rail Pass? Than this might be just the thing for you! Matt from Nomadic Matt is doing an awesome giveaway at the moment. He’s giving away discount vouchers for European Rail Passes. There are different vouchers with values up to $200 and all you have to do is leave your name and email (and obviously read the terms), which you van do here. Winners will be announced on July 13 so you don’t have much time left to enter.

What is a European Rail Pass?

If you’re thinking about travelling around Europe you should consider getting a European Rail Pass. You might not have heard of it yet though, so what exactly is it. The passes come in different varieties such as different amount of days, or different countries and areas. You could get one for just one country if you’re planning to go around one country in particular. Or even for many countries at the same time if you’re thinking about doing a big tour of Europe. There are also passes for different amounts of days you get to travel with it. Sounds pretty good right? You can find out more about these passes on

Money Well Spend (Elsewhere)

Since I’m going on a backpacking trip around Europe this October and plan to travel with a European Rail Pass, this give away is perfect for me and it would be awesome if I won. The money I don’t have spend on a railway pass can be very well used on more fun things along the way, like access to various sight seeing places amongst other things ;). It’s a very generous giveaway so I’m thankful to Matt for making this possible.

So if you plan to travel by rail in Europe, sign up, and fingers crossed, who knows, maybe you’ll win!

Railing With European Rail Pass

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Backpacking Europe

Less Than 90 Days – Backpacking

Backpacking Adventure

In less than 90 days Sarah will have arrived in The Netherlands and the European Backpacking Adventure can begin. We won’t be leaving to explore Europe right away, as I have a few days of work left at that time but that doesn’t make things less exciting.


The plan right now is to backpack around Europe by train and visit some beautiful cities like Paris and Rome and see stunning views in Austria amongst others. But hey, it’s not set in stone so things could change last minute. That’s the exciting part of backpacking, things can change in an instant and take a whole new direction. Adventures for sure!

Extra Adventurous or Trouble?

What makes this trip even more adventurous (or at least according to some, I’m not in the least bit worried about it) is that Sarah and I never met, at least face to face. We’re family and have spoken to each other a lot and it’s safe to say we have a lot in common and get along well. I’m convinced that this isn’t going to be an issue at all, because hey we’re WHANAU 😉

I still need to get a few things for the trip in the next few months but they’re all minor so that’s going to be a breeze. I even managed to fit my tripod for my SLR in my daypack without being it too heavy to carry so I’m seriously considering taking it. It might make taking photos at certain locations so much easier :). I do still need to get a remote for the camera. That’s one thing I’m sure off I’ll use a lot. Not only on the road but also at home when I find some free, so it will be a good investment.

Have you been to Europe and what would you recommend we really should see?

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