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Book: the Kingmaker Contest

The Source of Magic #1 by Troy Clem

Transport yourself to ancient times. Back when the best mode of transportation were horse drawn carriages. When kings really ruled with iron fists and armies where called the Royal Guards.

That’s the setting our protagonist Theo finds himself in. He’s an orphan, a ward of the king of the Empire of Drasque. A curious twelve year old, he wants to know what the world outside the Rigol palace walls has to offer. When his carer Losik leaves for Ironhead he stows himself away in a trunk.

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ARC, Books, Reviews

Book: Song of Blood & Stone

Earthsinger Chronicles Book 1 by L. Penelope

I was so excited for this book. So when I had received it I couldn’t wait to start reading it. I have to note this book seems to be a reprint / revised copy of a previous release and will be available on July 16, 2019.

The story starts with Jasminda who lives in Elsira but also has Lagrimar blood. The colour of her skin is a reason for the people of Elsira to shun her as they are pretty racist. On top of that she has earthsong powers (magic) which is something only people from Lagrimar have, and Elsira and Lagrimar have been separated for centuries by a magic veil called The Mantle.

The Queen Who Sleeps rules Elsira while Lagrimar is ruled by the True Father. When the Mantle falls peace for both countries will be no more because the True Father wants to seize power.

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